KEFIR: – R150 for a starter kit (includes instructions & the culture in 300ml milk in a glass jar for cultivation) – Ready made KEFIR: R40 per liter (Order 7 days in advance)   KUMBUCHA: – Ready made Kumbucha: R35 per liter (Order 7 days in advance) FLAVOURS:  -Berry -Rooibos & Ginger – Mint & […]

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Rosemary Lamb Ribs

Nostalgia – the scent  of my mom’s slow roasted lamb ribs infused with rosemary. A family meal prepared with great love, especially for Easter. Mamma would go to church and leave the ribs to simmer and roast over a period of 3 hours at 140 degrees celsius. As she says: “Hulle moet gesels/they need need […]

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Paleo Pumpkin Fritters/Pampoenkoekies (Grain, Sugar & Dairy Free)

A great South African treat are ‘pampoenkoekies’! Traditionally eaten with a savoury meal, we prefer these fritters smothered in raw honey with chopped pecans and sliced bananas as a dessert, teatime treat or even for breakfast! With added buckwheat flour (a gluten-free and paleo friendly flour) and eggs, then fried in coconut or macadamia oil, […]

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Moringa Instant Oats (Sugarless)

A delicious brekkie incorporating Morenga powder for extra nourishment! Get all your vitamins first thing in the morning! 6 minutes to prepare.. perfect for busy moms like me during the school holidays and no sweetening needed. Plus it’s low glycaemic and super filling due to the protein, complex carbs and good fat content. Ingredients (serves […]

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Moringa “Superfood” Kefir Smoothie

Just call it the powerhouse smoothie! Moringa is the most nutrient rich plant in Africa with the highest protein content known as the ‘miracle tree’. Mix the powder with some Kefir, nut butter and some fruit and you have a vitamin packed concoction containing all 9 strains of pro-biotics, Omega’s, Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium plus […]

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Quick Thai Veg Chicken Soup

Nothing like a warm chicken broth in winter infused with Thai spices, minus the noodles plus some sweet potatoes & shredded veg. Prepped within 15 minutes, ready in 40. That’s a quick cuppa soup, perfect after a long day at work, yet not comprising on wholesomeness – is there such a word? Well there should […]

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Nutritiousnuggets at the gorgeous “Palms Market” in Woodstock

Visit Nutritiousnuggets at the gorgeous “Palms Market in Woodstock” tomorrow 9am-2pm. Currently hot out of the oven: Kefir Almond Breads, Kefir Gluten-Free Choc… Cake, Kefir Roast Veg & Bacon Quiche (Gluten-Free), Kefir Spinach, Feta & Garlic Quiche (Gluten-Free), Kefir Honey Rye Rusks (Wheat & Refined Sugar-Free), Honey Date Balls (Wheat & Refined Sugar-Free) vintage packaged, […]

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